School Uniform

Forest Hill School is a uniform school with the uniform being a key part of the school and individual House ethos. 

Please read the uniform list carefully as you may be sent home if you are not in the correct uniform. 

It is also expected that you have the essential equipment with you at all times and you may face a sanction from your tutor or your teacher if you do not.


Blazer                         plain black

Trousers                    plain black tailored trousers, not lightweight Jeans, Cords or Cargo trousers

Shirt                            plain white, not polo style 

Pullover                     plain black – v neck only

Tie                              House Colour Tie                           

Shoes                          plain black shoes that can be polished, no trainers and no shoes that look like trainers, no coloured stitching or laces

Coat                            Outdoor coats may only be worn on top of the blazer.  Hooded tops and baseball caps are forbidden and will be confiscated.

Badge                         sewn on blazer pocket

House Flash              sewn immediately above the badge (This will be provided by the Head of House)

Jewellery                   one small stud and a watch are permitted.  No rings, chains or bracelets.


The following items are banned from school and if brought in will be confiscated 

  • Hooded jumpers
  • Mobile phones
  • Baseball caps
  • Skateboards or rollerskates


All clothing is to be clearly marked with name and tutor group to assist with identification if mislaid




Drake – Red

Harvey – Yellow

Reynolds – Light Blue

Shackleton – Green




Bailwood, 246 Lewisham High Street, Lewisham, London, SE13 6JU
Tel: 020 8852 8727


Wearabouts, 99 Sydenham Road, Sydenham, SE26 5UA
Tel: 020 8659 9917


White Hall Clothiers, 244A, High Street, Lewisham, SE13
Tel: 020 8852 8967



The following items are to be brought to school every day:


Blue/black pens (x2), pencils, rubbers, rulers, coloured pencils, calculator


School bag – suitably strong, wearable and large enough to carry books without folding


Additionally please ensure your son has the following items for


Design & Technology/Art               Apron


Physical Education                          Indoor (Sports Hall/Gymnasium): trainers, white socks, white T- shirt, white shorts, towel.

                                                      Outdoor (Games): black shorts, long black socks, football boots, games shirt – reversible (one side – all black, other side – black with broad house colour band), towel.